Nancy Stampahar’s Professional Background

With a high school dropout past, to earning her BSBA college degree in Human Resource Management, Nancy Stampahar knows what it what it takes to make lemonade out of lemons.  With over 20 years professional experience working in diverse industries, Nancy has developed extensive knowledge and skills that evolve organizational and human behavior into success.  An award-winning author of the inspirational, self-help book Peace, Love and Lemonade: A Recipe to Make Your Life Sweeter, Nancy’s professional knowledge, personal wisdom, and inspirational stories have helped thousands of people achieve positive results. As an organizational development and personal growth expert, Nancy has been sought to appear in various media formats.

Nancy’s contagious enthusiasm captured the attention of The Rachael Ray Show and Oprah’s OWN network that aired high-energy videos Nancy created in her kitchen. With a passion for the camera, Nancy’s talk-cooking webisode program, Life in Nancy’s Kitchen, produced seven, 30-minute episodes that aired on MCA-TV in Pittsburgh.  Her visually appealing, motivational DVD, Life Cooks!  reminds people that it is never too late to cook up a great life!

Whether Nancy is consulting, speaking, training, or coaching, her knowledge, enthusiasm, and candor equip her to breed success in audiences. With the ability to infuse techniques, wit, and wisdom into her presentations, Nancy’s events are not only informative, but also entertaining and inspiring. Nancy’s dynamic and authentic personality naturally creates synergy where audiences are engaged and inspired into action.

Nancy believes we are here to serve and make a difference. True to being the recipient of the ACHIEVA Joe Ott Award for volunteer leadership, Nancy’s personal life of volunteerism, mentoring disadvantaged kids and love for her late, mentally-challenged brother, demonstrates how much Nancy genuinely cares about people and a life of service.

I am guided to help you make lemonade from my personal story…


I was born into inspiration.  In 1963, when I was two years old, my mother decided to divorce her abusive husband after five years of marriage.  In retaliation for this courageous act, my mother, my four-year-old intellectually-disabled brother and I were locked out of our row house, with some of our belongings scattered out on the lawn.  That day, the lives of my family of three changed forever.

As my childhood evolved, I had a very difficult time feeling good about life, and more importantly, feeling good about myself.  I felt like damaged goods and thought that I was not worthy of having a good life.  I could not cope with the hardships of living in a low-income, single-parent house with a “different” and limited sibling, and eventually, a senile grandmother.  We definitely were not the Cleavers!  When I was in my vulnerable teens, at the age of thirteen, I escaped my stress and pain with excessive partying, which led to drug and alcohol abuse.  First, I dropped out of life.   Then, I dropped out of high school.

As my young adult life evolved into adulthood, I took many steps forward, backward, and sideways!  It has been a tough yet wonderful journey traveling to this great place of happiness and gratitude.  The steps I took represented the choices I made; some were wise and some were not. At the late-bloomer age of 35, I earned my college degree in human resource management.  After years of being a corporate trainer and organizational development manager, I took the solopreneur jump and created my own consulting, speaking, training, and coaching business, Silver Lining Solutions.

I am intrigued with the cause and effect dynamics of human behavior.  I am passionate about empowering people to make lemonade out of their lemons.  I just love helping people be happy.  The greatest reward I can receive is when someone does something to better themselves or someone else. This is why my mother is my greatest role model. My inspirational story is nothing compared to my mother’s own personal journey.

Imagine this journey…

A woman divorcing her abusive high school sweetheart when she was 22; being locked out of her home with two toddlers; being kicked out of her church for divorcing her abusive husband; going on welfare; living in a one bedroom apartment with her two kids for six years; working full time as a secretary and attending nine years of night school to earn her law degree; being a single-parent raising a mentally-challenged son and an at-risk, rebellious teenage girl; the passing of her twin sons; surviving two separate mastectomies; embracing life at 79 with a few affects from a benign brain tumor.  Wow.

I learned firsthand how to go from nowhere to somewhere by watching my family’s ability to triumph over tough circumstances.  I learned about the power of choice.  I learned how to make lemonade out of lemons.  It is my full intent to help you do the same.

Be strong, be wise, be delicious!


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