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Nancy Stampahar, Organizational Consultant


“Employees want to feel excited. They want fulfilling and challenging work. What’s more important is treating employees with respect and empowering them to be part of decision-making,” said Stampahar. From an interview with the Pittsburgh Business Times.

Are you struggling with employees who are not meeting or exceeding performance expectations?

If the performance issues continue, how will your company succeed?

Poor performers can breed poor performers. If your company is being adversely affected by poor performers, you must nip the problems in the bud.

Typically, performance issues stem from either lack of skills or knowledge; poor fits for a position; or lack of motivation and accountability. Nancy Stampahar’s exceptional listening and problem-solving abilities uncover core issues and create practical approaches that achieve positive results. Her LemonAID sketches out change and performance management initiatives with effective communication and implementation strategies. Companies need high performers to succeed.

If you need more high performers, call Nancy at 484-328-3717 or email.

Review from:  E-Magnify’s “Building A World-Class Business Conference” Stampahar’s workshop entitled “Culture Shock: Surviving Change to Make the Big Bucks” gave tips to business owners about how to achieve financial success at a higher level with employees that may be stuck with a start-up mentality.

According to Stampahar, a business owner can begin the process of taking their business to the next level by implementing organizational development practices to address change within the business. It is important to understand that 20% of revenue is lost by reworking mistakes made within a company. For that reason organization is key for business owners. She suggests that business owners do the following:

  • Re-evaluate and clarify the business plan.
    Define working expectations for employees.
    Don’t become a task master.
    Take risks because leadership comes from the top.

Working with existing business strategies is another way in which business owners can turn their human capital from being an expense into an asset. Many times problems within a business come from the top and trickle down. Keeping this concept in mind, imitative and hard work from the top will also trickle down and be emulated by employees. Stampahar suggests that business owners:

  • Implement strategies for crisis management to save time and money.
    Build a culture based on initiative and innovation.
    Lead employees by example.
    Reach for a new level above average.

Owning a values-driven business means that the employees need to be decision makers as well and that everyone in the organization is involved. According to Stampahar, applied knowledge is power and the better informed an employee is the better they can serve the customer’s needs. She suggests business owners:

  • Turn employees from simply bodies into assets.
    Stress communication and accountability in the workplace.
    Provide a working environment that supports leadership competency growth.

Stampahar stresses that in order to retain business the investment of time and money is very important. She firmly believes in the motto “hire later, fire now” which emphasizes the idea of getting rid of the problematic employees at a business and worrying about filling their positions later. In regard to hiring, Stampahar suggests that business owners:

  • Hire on the basis of behavior based interviews.
    Ask future employees to share past work stories to gain a sense of their work performances.
    Align people with the best position based on their strengths and interests.

Nancy Stampahar - The Lemonaid Lady - Team Building

Team Building Retreat, Dorothy Andreas Tuel, President,

The Sewickley Spa, Inc.

“A few hours into our retreat with Nancy Stampahar, my management staff remembered why they love their positions.  The strategy of bringing out the best in everyone, and showing each of us how to live up to our possibilities, was exactly what we needed.  The feeling of true teamwork is now a part of our daily culture…something I did not think possible with multiple locations.  I highly recommend this program.”  

Leadership & Supervisory Development,

Levin Furniture Warehouse

“It was based on what we wanted to learn. Groups working on problems and worked things out, have seen different ways of doing things.  Made you think, not boring, apply things I knew about but someone to present in a different light.”

Team Building Retreat,

The Progress Fund

“I plan to use the Effective Explanations Worksheet when explaining something to my staff or teammates.  It helped me to realize that I can boil something down even further to make it simpler to convey by addressing key questions and revising my explanation. I think the goals and action plans segment was important because I could see on paper how you can take one critical category and chart it.”

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