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Are Your Life and Work Out of Balance?

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If you are like most people in today’s fast-paced society, your answer is probably, “yes”.   In a recent study by Workplace Trends, 75 percent of employees listed work-life balance as their top priority.  With companies continuing to do more with less and technology expanding the eight-hour workday into 24/7, people are needing balance more than ever.  While there will always be unexpected circumstances demanding your time and energy, you can achieve balance and be in control of your life.   You can become less stressed with everything you need to juggle.

5 Signs That Your Life and Work May Be Out of Balance:

1.  You cannot stop checking your e-mail or cell phone.
2.  You feel burned out and overwhelmed.
3.  You have stopped taking care of your well-being.
4.  Your relationships with family, friends, and co-workers are strained.
5.  You continuously work evenings, weekends, or on vacations.

The lazy, hazy, fun days of summer are upon us!  It is the great time of year to escape the daily grind and fill your calendar with fun, recreational, and social activities.  Summer is also the time of year when you can relax and keep your life simple.  As you know, after the 4th of July, summer goes by fast.  Now is the time to recharge your batteries before school, work, and the holidays overwhelm you.

5 Ways to Balance YOUR Life and Work:

1.  Identify your values, future vision; set priorities according to them.
2.  Say “no” by letting go of the disease-to-please or fearing disapproval.
3.  Let go of control or perfectionist tendencies and delegate tasks.
4.  Stay the course and celebrate your successes.
5.  Repeat positive affirmations to yourself like, “I am in control of my life.”
Life Work Balance on Whiteboard
Balancing your life and work will take time, courage, and discipline.   It is important to remember that it takes three weeks to three months to change a habit or pattern.  When you begin to assert yourself and take control of your circumstances, you will put out fewer fires and have less drama in your life.  You will stop feeling taken advantage of or for granted.  You will have more self-respect, positive energy, enjoyment, and confidence.  You will be in control of your life.

Be strong, be wise, be delicious!