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January 2, 2017
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Is Your Workplace Toxic? The 7 Signs

Words describing a toxic workpalce

According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s OSHA, some 2 million workers are victims of workplace violence each year and a trend that is on the rise. Verbal abuse, physical assaults, and homicides are a growing concern for employers and employees nationwide. While there are many healthy workplaces in America, no organization is immune. With employees fearing the loss of income or on-the-job consequences, incidents go unreported.  The unreported incidents can escalate the anger continuum scale from frustration to violence.

Words describing a toxic workpalce
The top leadership team may not even know that their organization is operating in a toxic environment. Quite often the way an employee interacts with their manager is different than how he or she interacts with peers or subordinates.  Human Resources and employees need to document and report toxic employees.  It is time to eliminate the “It will never happen here.” mindset.

Today’s economy has organizations running faster and leaner than ever with one person carrying the workload that two or three people typically carried. Organizations feel a sense of urgency and fail to take the time to properly train employees and develop their managers into effective leaders. Quality, morale, and safety are being jeopardized. Employees are fending for themselves and the dynamic of us versus them is increasing. Apathy is setting in and high burnout is prevailing.

7 Signs of a Toxic Workplace

1.    Instilled Fear and Anxiety
2.    Extreme Control and Rigid Systems
3.    Bullying or Exclusion
4.    Distrust of Others
5.    Negativity
6.    Resistance to Change
7.    Numerous Bad Bosses

Fostering respect and valuing employees is critical not just for profitability but for humanity.  Organizations need to wake up and take the necessary steps to keep everyone safe, healthy, and productive. Implementing organizational development best practices and developing employee soft skills will create high-performance teams as well as an unbeatable competitive advantage. When employees are motivated to come to work each day, they perform better.  When employees perform better, an organization will see costs associated with turnover, absenteeism, employee relations litigations, customer complaints, and mistakes significantly reduced.  Employee morale, productivity, and customer satisfaction will surge. Pride and respect will be instilled throughout the organization, which naturally breeds success and profits.

There are far more rewards in a healthy workplace than a toxic environment.  Remove the toxicity before it is too late.  Make your organization one of America’s best places to work!

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